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Concern "LAN" Concern "LAN"
Viktor M. Sayenko
Chairman of the Board.
President of the Concern.
Founded in - 1997
Personnen -7000
Concern`s production;
Grain harvesters of the series: "LAN" (SL 001, 002,101), harvester "Farmer K-01".
Attached implements for grain harvesrers "LAN" and other combines (option).
Precision drill "CTB-12" stubble cultivator-seeder, "SSK-8,5".
Disk harrows "BDP-5".
Mini-mills OMP-0.2, OMP-0.6, and OMP-1.2 "Farmer" - equipment for processing grain into high grade flour.
Formula - feed mini - plants "MKZ-0,8".
Roll -press pick - up "PRP-250".
Subsurface cultivator "KRN-4,5".
Pre - sowing aggregate "RVP-1".
Electrical equipment (starters, heat relays, time relays).
Automatic mashines for packaging liquid and viscous food products in polimeric wrapping.
Bridge cranes of carrying capacity up to 20 tons.
Boring machinery.
Macaroni production equipment.
Various agricultural machinery.
Concern`s founders Concern "LAN"

JS Co plant "Autoshtamp"

JS Co "Wira-Service"


JS Co faktory "Poligraphtechnika"
1, B.Iohanson side-street, Kirovograd region,
Aleksandrya, 28000, Ukraine.

Tel. +38 (05235) 21115,
Fax +38 (05235) 24391,
Tel/fax +38 (05235) 24708.
Concern`s partners
Over 50 enterprises of Ukraine
as well as firms of Germany, Sweden,
Finland, Italy and Argentina.
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